We measure our success, with your success. Now that’s a service worth investing in…

Mohammed Cassim (the Brandshop Founder & Creative Director)

Our specialist service offerings are –

  • Brand Creation & Conceptualisation
  • Brand Consulting
  • Brand Re-design
  • Social Media Management
  • General Brand Management

Additional expertise –

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design (Business Cards, Letterhead, Email Signature)
  • Company profile design
  • Social Media Setup & Design
  • Web Design
  • Point of purchase conceptualisation
  • Video production (social media)

Our Process –

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As with any process, it needs to have a beginning and a point of activation. Our first step is a simple one. Contact us and lets have a chat about your brand.
Let’s talk about how you are placed in the market, and more importantly where you would like to be.

Your journey needs to start somewhere…

Let us be a part of it…
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After meeting to discuss your target market, industry, competitors, products or services, we begin researching all of this and start brainstorming a brand that targets your specific market and achieves real results. This is intrinsic to how the Brandshop works. We believe everything that we design needs to have reason – design with a purpose. That is impossible without this critical phase in our process.
Having all the right tools at your disposal is critical to the right outcome. As Abraham Lincoln once said,
[quote author=”” type=”simple”]”Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”[/quote]
We believe that the conceptualise phase is us sharpening the axe.
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Design & Implement

With all the research at our disposal as well as the entire Adobe Creative Suite, we believe we are more than adequately equipped to chop down that tree. Timberrrrrr.
This is where we start taking all if that insight and applying it to an actual brand design. We start with the logo design then apply it to multiple expected applications to ensure that it works. We also measure it against our research and your competitors to ensure we are head and shoulders above, or well on our way to getting there.
The last part of this phase is to implement the new branding across all design assets that require it.
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Okay, so now that we have designed you a great brand identity, it needs to be translated to a physical tangible thing. A lot of insight is put into the correct colour choices, shapes and emotion that your brand needs to exude. It is critical to ensure that once the brand is created and rolled out, all the same insight is considered when new assets or campaigns are being developed. Also with social media being updated on a weekly basis, the Brandshop can fulfill this role as a marketing extension to your business – managing your brand and its progress.
After all who better to manage your brand than the company who researched and created it in the first place.
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Contact us now to setup a consultation.

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