Web Design

A website has become a necessity nowadays. A common frustration is when a brands online media lacks compared to its printed media. We bridge that gap and stay true to your brand…

Your website is your virtual storefront. What are you doing to convince potential clients to walk in the door?

Whilst window shopping in any shopping centre, we browse until something in the storefront catches our attention, and draws us in. The same applies to a good website. You would be naive to assume that your website is the only one your clients are looking at. They will look at all your competitors, shopping around until they find something that catches their attention.

Clean windows, product offering, informational & promotional posters are what store-owners would use to draw passing traffic into their store. Running an effective website requires the same thought process.

Is your (virtual) storefront clean? Does it support your existing corporate identity? Is the logo treated correctly? What about colour, layout and content?

When designing you a website, we ask ourselves all of these questions, and more. This ensures that we can provide you with a website that has been properly thought through.

Never allow you web designer to discourage you from following your corporate identity because of technical jargon! Rather change your web designer, but always stay true to your brand!