Logo Design

Our passion for Logo Design & Corporate Identities sets us apart from many other design houses. Every component of our design has a purpose or a story to tell. Let us tell your story…

Your logo determines the way your business is perceived by the masses. Would you wear shorts and slops to an important meeting?

Your corporate identity is the ‘suit’ your business wears to work everyday. People form opinions, based on the impression created by you and your business.

We make it our duty to understand your target market. Then we design a logo that speaks to them.

Some businesses have target markets that are not ready for strategic branding. Due to large client bases, or referrals they don’t deem it necessary. For these businesses we have a basic logo design package. Still a world-class design, but with less of the strategic research up front.

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Its not just about designing a logo… it’s about designing a logo that works. At a glance, a logo should speak to its target market.