We understand the importance of consistent branding that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to create the right impression.

Mohammed Cassim (the Brandshop Founder & Creative Director)

Why the Brandshop?

The Brandshop is a small design agency focused on creating relationships by building and maintaining brands for small to medium businesses.

It is the brainchild of founder Mohammed Cassim, who has been in the design industry since 1998. He uses his vast experience to help springboard small to medium businesses who are looking for either a complete branding overhaul or to bring consistency to an already established brand.

Whilst working on world renowned brands such as Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble and Unilever to name a few, Mohammed noticed how well packaged and documented these established brands were. This is where his passion to bring the same kind of brand design and consistency for small to medium businesses was born.
The key to a successful brand is getting a single agency, who understands your brand vision & direction, to manage all advertising and marketing material – this ensures consistency.

What can we do for you?

If you need a new brand to be created, an established brand re-designed or simply to manage your existing brand across print, digital or social media platforms – the Brandshop can deliver.

We are able to design you a logo, build you a website, set up your social media accounts and manage them, create digital video content, design a brochure, business cards, point of purchase concepts and much more.

While all of the assets mentioned above are great to have as part of your branding and marketing arsenal – is it enough?

Whilst we can very well create all of your design assets and send you on your way, that is not how we see ourselves or our clients growing. We prefer being a part of your journey – monitoring reports from website analytics and social media campaigns, keeping an eye on your competitors as well as current design trends and applying this insight to adjust future design strategy and campaigns for optimum growth. This is where we add real value.

We want to be there with you every step of the way.

Putting it simply…

We are image consultants for your business. We assess how your clients / customers perceive your business when compared to your competitors. We specialize in creating or refreshing brands to get tangible real-world results.
We live in an age where anyone looking for a product or service goes looking at websites and social media before making an informed decision on what to buy from where. The question is… does your brand/business have all the appropriate website and social media platforms running to the same level as your competitors?
If not, you’re not giving your business a fighting chance. You are losing clients before they even walked in your door.

Designing your brand, website and setting up your social media platforms is only the beginning. We then start to see, using critical analysis and reporting to measure how the updated or new brand is performing. This gives us a chance to tighten the brand assets and improve from month to month.

We measure our success, with your success. Now that’s a service worth investing in.

Mohammed Cassim (the Brandshop Founder & Creative Director)