Questions to ask before you begin your marketing and/or advertising campaigns.

Clients often engage with me to help them with their marketing and advertising campaigns. Below are some of the questions that I use to assess readiness.

Do you have a brand identity?

Note, I do not ask, do you have a logo? Almost all companies have some sort of logo, but do you have a brand identity? At the beginning, this would be a collective set of assets that push a unified look and feel across to your customers or clients. Later, this would include advertising and marketing campaigns together with client interactions. Together, this would form your brand identity and the manner in which your clients’ perceive you.


Are your brand assets consistent in their look and feel?

In some instances, clients do have brand assets but they don’t all look like they belong to the same company. Examples of brand inconsistency include different fonts on your business card & letterhead, different logo weighting on different assets, different colour schemes on various adverts, etc.


How does your brand compare with competitors?

If you have a brand identity and it is consistent – it is time to get a little critical – how do you compare with your competitors? If you put yourself into your customers shoes – would you choose yourself over your competitors?


How does your packaging stand out?

Similar to the previous question – if you are selling a product that is placed on-shelf, right next to your competitors, would you choose your own product? Have you assisted your product with any point-of-purchase display? Or do you expect it to fend for itself?


How is your price point when compared to your target audience?

You  need to understand your target audience before attaching a price point. This needs to be done in conjunction with your competitors pricing. If you are charging more, do you justify it by advertising your unique selling point? And more importantly, will this matter to your target audience? Or will they still go for the cheaper product?


Do you have an up-to-date website?

Don’t underestimate the power of a website that is consistently updated with the latest information about your business or products. Besides the assistance that this will provide to your google ranking, it is one of the primary methods of keeping in touch with your customers. If your website is outdated, your client might assume that your business or service is outdated as well.


Do you have social media?

In 2018, 50% of the work force will be millennials. 100% of them use social media as their primary source of communication. Do you really want to close yourself off to this market?


Have you set up a method of tangibly measuring the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns?

If your digital presence is adequately updated, you need to ensure that you are measuring the  growth and success of your marketing campaigns on a monthly basis. This allows you to constantly improve and stay ahead of the game.


I hope that this helps. If you still have some questions – Please contact the Brandshop and we can help you evaluate your business.

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