How Can a Website Benefit Your Business?

How Can a Website Benefit Your Business?

How Can a Website Benefit Your Business? 570 300

We live in an age where everything is driven by technology. The internet has become a basic information tool for all – aspiring scholars, students, entrepreneurs and even the older generation have realized the benefit of this basic tool. The quickest way to find a service/product would be to do a search on the internet – and this is most likely the first method anyone would use – as you are guaranteed the results. This is where your business needs to step in and make an impression.

Having a web presence has become as basic to any business as having contact telephone, or fax numbers – customers expect it – and if they don’t find you they will find your competitor!  Essentially the internet has become an important marketing tool for any business, and a website is the best way to establish a professional image of you and what your company represents.

Again you need to think of a website as integral to the growth of your company. Here you offer clients more information and establish trust which is important to today’s consumer.  How can this be done?

Think of any print campaign you run – by simply adding your web address, you immediately offer the client more information, and if designed well, would certainly win the customer over. Depending on the kind of industry you belong to, your website could be used to increase sale:

  • Retail companies can put pictures of products on line to generate online sales
  • Service industries can offer more information on work done for past clients, comments from these clients offers credibility
  • Hospitality industry can add value to their business by posting pictures of their venue promoting the kind of lifestyle/atmosphere they want and encourage online bookings

Simply by clever content management and design, you could win the customer over, generate more business and even maintain these clients.  Ultimately the money invested in designing and launching the website will flow back into the business.

Mohammed Cassim is the Founder & Owner of the Brandshop, a brand consultancy and design studio based in Durban, South Africa. He is especially passionate about brand identities, web design and pretty much anything design related.

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